What is Gotimi?

Gotimi updates over 33,000 currency pairings every single day. We then take these numbers and turn them into something more meaningful by applying our top secret formula which looks at how friendly the currencies have been with each other over the last 5 years. If your home currency has been changing a lot recently, then don't worry, we pay extra attention to that and factor it in. The end result is a Timi Score; a figure between -100 and +100 which tells you how strong your currency is in your destination country. A score of +100 would indicate that now is a potentially great time to visit that country. A score of -100 might mean waiting until you win the lottery before visiting. We then rank over 180 countries in order of where is best value to go saving you time on where to research. Keep coming back to check though as the value of your money is constantly changing.